Time To Start Pivoting!

Time To Start Pivoting!

Time To Start Pivoting!


Yes, it’s time to start pivoting if you haven’t already.  No, you don’t need to whip out and purchase a netball bib but you do need to start rotating, turning, revolving or spinning the way you look and practice doing business......and you need to pivot quickly!

Pivoting is the new catchphrase for businesses. It represents CHANGE and how we adapt to the new norm and do business in a way that we will be able to continue to prosper in the future.

Who knows? After this terrible ordeal is over we may never pivot back to our old ways. We might just have been forced to make changes that are well over due and to learn and practice new skills…not such a bad thing even if the impetus was terrifying.

We want to help you in any way we can with your business. 

  • If you are embracing on line selling for the first time, or are a veteran, we can help with pictures or copy to describe our products.
  • If you are starting to embrace social media we can support you by following you or liking you. Tag us in a post and you can be assured we will respond.


Think of things that we can do for you and let us know.

We are here for the long haul and are running our warehouse in a covid safe way with social distancing, sanitising, masks and gloves and constant cleaning. If you do wish to visit please make an appointment and we can provide masks and gloves.

We are excited to have a new website which we hope will become a major information and buying resource for you. With less emphasis on Trade Fairs the website will be our way of communicating with you.

We know you will be inundated with emails from Wholesalers so we will not send them unless we really have something to say.  We will not clog the airwaves and waste your time.  Please let us know if you have changed your email address or you have not been receiving emails from us in the past.

Instagram and Facebook have also become tools for us to communicate with you and the greater public.  It is our way of telling our story, presenting our look and making our presence felt. Share the love with us on these and you bet we will love you back!

Let's keep in touch.....we are here to help!
Lots of love and optimism from the Perfect Pieces Team.

27 July 2020
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